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INFO GROUP GLOBAL is founded in 2003 in Istanbul and is specialized in the design, production and international marketing of Corporate Textile, Corporate Identity Wear & Gear and Corporate Fashion including corporate office clothes, official uniforms, shoes & gear, school uniforms, safety gear and accessories.

INFO GROUP GLOBAL presented a fundamental concept to the work environment by the work clothes and official uniforms as “Functionality, Comfort, and Fashion at Work”. Our objective is, by the work clothes of the employees, making a positive and responsible contribution to the corporate identity of public and private institutions as well as to their work environment, enhancing their brand image, contributing to the performance of their personnel and facilitating their buying cycle management.
As official uniforms and corporate clothes are worn daily by the employees, the functionality is a key necessity to fulfill as well as the durability, breathability, lasting colors, water repellency, easy care, etc. The sharp look is possible by our quality couture and comfortable sizing for different sizes of the personnel.
In 15 years, we achieved a production volume in Corporate Wear & Gear over 10 million items while serving for over 200 brands from 20 different sectors: For military and police forces, airline companies, automotive industry and racing organizations, petrol and energy sector,  GSM operators and telecommunication companies, hospital chains, mining companies, food & beverage sector and school uniforms for all ages.
We are the leading textile company and exporter in our business sector. We produced corporate wear for world brands such as Coca-Cola, Intel, Starbucks, Vodafone, Avon, Michelin, BMW, Yamaha, Philip Morris, Ducati, Lamborghini. Also, Our references include military and police forces of countries such as the Russia, countries from the Middle East and the African Continent.


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